As a marketer with 10+ years of experience leading high-growth consumer brands, I specialize in driving healthy scale in the launch—$100M revenue stage with a holistic approach that balances brand strategy and quantitative rigor.

I view “growth” as the output of a complex system that is any business, and am passionate about designing and implementing sustainable growth practices across the entire organization, including acquisition, product, customer experience, lifecycle marketing, and retention.

I have also been independently active within crypto since 2020, exploring DeFi,  NFTs, blockchains, and their potential implications on the marketing landscape. To this end, I am the founder of Blockcamp, a community dedicated to delving into the possibilities of Web3 technologies for modern marketers.
For consulting and advisory inquiries, please email

Blockcamp, Founder – Current

Marketing Consultant
- MSCHF (apparel and footwear)
- Reformation (apparel)
- Moby (blockchain analytics)

AYR, Chief Marketing Officer

The Black Tux, Chief Marketing and Analytics Officer

I help consumer brands design and implement scalable growth strategies across the entire customer experience, with a particular focus on data, processes, and technologies.

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